Annual Maintenance Contract

Comprehensive Repair & Maintenance Service


FOTRIA boasts of being the best Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service provider in the industry because of the standard it maintains. Not a single client is unsatisfied with our services because our experts have been a part of the industry since many years and have handled hundreds of projects with ease.

We have been catering to international IT giants and have been maintaining their computer and electrical systems successfully since the beginning of our partnership with them. Our clients are impressed by the way we make all their systems hassle free within a tight deadline, and they are also in awe of our consistency. Fotria values each and every client and has been proudly serving them as their AMC service provider with a vision of improving the efficiency of their business and ensuring that they do not lag behind because of technical glitches. We provide detailed annual reports which update our clients about their computer systems, electrical systems, etc.

Below are the list of services provided under AMC:

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