Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

& Consumer Court Cases

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Consumer Rights?

CDRF & Consumer Court Cases

The consumer protection act saves customers of the malicious practice of numerous firms operating just to rake in huge profits without being concerned about the health and safety of its customers. CDRF also looks after the rights of customers and makes sure they are not being cheated by any firm.

FOTRIA makes its clients aware of all the rules and regulations they need to follow to steer clear of consumer courts. If a consumer files a complaint and the court accepts his/her petition, then the reputation of the firm against which the petition is filed is under huge criticism. The case not only curtails the brand image but also pulls out the most loyal customers of a product/service and reduces the number of its patrons. Fotria looks after the compliance and makes sure that none of its clients get involved in such a case and if they do get involved anyhow, we make all efforts to mitigate it.

Below are the list of services provided under CDRF and Consumer Court Cases:

Our Services


Transmission  Communication
Product Testing and Certification  Safety
Audit Internal/External  Certification BIS/TEC/ISO/IEC/CB/IECEE
Assessment  Training ISO/SIX Sigma/Skill Development
Consulting  Corporate Social Responsibilities
Strategic Frame Work  Advocacy (Policy Framework/ Adaption/ Indian Representation)
Compliances  Adaptation/Localization of Technologies
Import Export approvals  Equipment Type Approval
E Waste Management Handling(Assessment/Audit/Declaration/Recycle/ Reporting)  CCOE Approval
DGMS  Solar Consulting Services Testing/Installation/Commissioning/ PPA/  Import /Export/ Audit/EER Certification
Energy Efficiency Testing/Certification/ EER/Labeling/ Process & Support  RoHS Testing & Certification
Environment Management Certification(Audit/Process-Innovation/ Certification)  Quality Management (Production/ISO/Six-Sigma/Lean/Kaizan/GAP/)
Electromagnetic Magnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Computability Testing  Manufacturing Assistance and Quality Control/Assurance framework
Certification assistance on CB Report as under IECEE with Intra/CBTL method.  Component Testing and Certification
Equipment testing/ Certification & Calibration Services