Diverse range of Inspection & Validation services

Inspection & Validation

For standard product generation and proper delivery, the right processes and procedures need to be in place. The processes and procedures include compliance, relevant coding, safety standards and regulations. Inspection ensures correct delivery of products in the desired way.

FOTRIA offers third party inspections and validations that make sure that each product leaving your production line is in sync with your brand’s image. With a vast experience in diverse fields, our experts inspect the process with utmost diligence, giving you, your client and your suppliers the much needed confidence in the product. Since we are nowhere directly related to your industry, our experts will be brutally honest in their inspection. It is an important activity because all those inspection and validation results will ultimately help you maintain the quality of your products which will help you tap wider markets!

Below are the list of services provided under Inspection & Validation:

Our Services


Transmission  Communication
Product Testing and Certification  Safety
Audit Internal/External  Certification BIS/TEC/ISO/IEC/CB/IECEE
Assessment  Training ISO/SIX Sigma/Skill Development
Consulting  Corporate Social Responsibilities
Strategic Frame Work  Advocacy (Policy Framework/ Adaption/ Indian Representation)
Compliances  Adaptation/Localization of Technologies
Import Export approvals  Equipment Type Approval
E Waste Management Handling(Assessment/Audit/Declaration/Recycle/ Reporting)  CCOE Approval
DGMS  Solar Consulting Services Testing/Installation/Commissioning/ PPA/  Import /Export/ Audit/EER Certification
Energy Efficiency Testing/Certification/ EER/Labeling/ Process & Support  RoHS Testing & Certification
Environment Management Certification(Audit/Process-Innovation/ Certification)  Quality Management (Production/ISO/Six-Sigma/Lean/Kaizan/GAP/)
Electromagnetic Magnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Computability Testing  Manufacturing Assistance and Quality Control/Assurance framework
Certification assistance on CB Report as under IECEE with Intra/CBTL method.  Component Testing and Certification
Equipment testing/ Certification & Calibration Services