Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

Electrical installations are an important part of an office. Since we are 24×7 connected to the internet, if anything goes wrong with a server, the internet facility breaks down, and the business of the firm is negatively affected. We, at Fotria, offer commissioning inspection for your premises to ensure that the regulations have been complied with, and the safety measures have been met. Inspection of fuses rated more than 35A, and also fuse rating is done.

Fotria not only serves as a reputable electrical contractor but also commissions various kinds of inspections regularly to ensure that everything is fit and running. We do not want to disappoint the clients visiting your firm because of the poor electrical system that might have resulted in power breakdowns very often. We maintain a proper inspection record and make sure each bit is absolutely in its perfect condition.

Below are the list of services provided under Installation and Commissioning:

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