Testing to meet product Quality

& Safety as per standards

Transformation with proven testing

Testing of manufacturing parameters to

ensure safety for Users & Environment

Assuring usage of

Non Hazardous substances

Assuring protection from

harmful radiations

Product Testing

With the cut throat competition in today’s world, quality has become of utmost importance. Quality in terms of durability, regulation compliance, performance and validation are given priority as opposed to volumes. For quality products, it is necessary to lay standard guidelines so that the product is in accordance to the international quality standards and suit the markets it is being produced for.

To maintain these standards, testing of products at each stage is executed so that bad production techniques are weeded out and the product comes out fine. This testing regime needs diligence and accuracy. Product Testing at FOTRIA is a process in which our experts meticulously test each aspect of a product and honestly list its repercussions, if any.

Our well equipped labs are operated by dedicated teams of experts who can test any product related to telecommunications, energy generation, and various components of a machine and almost all non-food products. The test result of the products are kept confidential and remains only between us and our client. Since we provide an unbiased result which is based on the industry standards, you can also record the actual qualities of your product along with areas where it lacks.

Below are the list of services provided under Product Testing:

Our Services


Transmission   Communication
Product Testing and Certification   Safety
Certification BIS/TEC/ISO/IEC/CB/IECEE   Compliances
Adaptation/Localization of Technologies   CCOE Approval
DGMS   Solar Consulting Services Testing/Installation/Commissioning/ PPA/        Import /Export/ Audit/EER Certification
Energy Efficiency Testing/Certification/ EER/Labeling/ Process & Support   RoHS Testing & Certification
Electromagnetic Magnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Computability Testing   Component Testing and Certification
Certification assistance on CB Report as under IECEE with Intra/CBTL method.   Equipment testing/ Certification & Calibration Services